RECENT FINDS | Joe Kickass- The Walk That Water EP

 Hip-Hop/ Rap 

Though I missed this project when it initially dropped a little over a month ago, I was recently turned on to Amsterdam‘s Joe Kickass after hearing a mix set featuring his singularly dope headnod cut “Phoney FactsJoe Kickass‘ intricate bars and distinct voice moved me to search for more sounds from the focused emcee, and in no time flat I discovered his most recent creation, The Walk That Water EP.  “Phoney Facts” set my expectations relatively high after repeated listenings, and I’m happy to say that Joe‘s full-length offering doesn’t disappoint.

Although the brother calls the Netherlands home, The Walk That Water EP has a fresh and breezy West-Coast underground sound and feel to it, as exemplified on the catchy album openers “Must Be Out My Mind” and “Ain’t No Thang”. Listening to J.K. flow over the swirling synthesizers and samples of the former track and the electro-acoustic rhythms of the latter slowly brings to mind that special something that makes cats like Aceyalone and Chali 2na such fan favorites. But don’t mistake similarity for imitation, as Kickass definitely carves out his own sound and voice during the understandably limited amount of time allotted for an EP. On “Getting It All” and the title track “Walk That Water”, keeps the feel-good energy flowing with songs that feel like he’s being backed by the jam bands responsible for giving the Quannum Projects fam such notable live shows (okay..sorry for all the name dropping and comparisons, but sometimes you have to do it to get your point across). The album closes on a groovier note, with the equally impressive funk burners “Feel So Good” and “Phoney Facts”, with the previous track making a bid for my “top ten tracks of 2015” list.  All said, The Walk That Water EP is an expressive and entertaining player from a rising new name on the indie hip hop scene. Dope work indeed.



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