NEW RELEASE | Beyond Luck- Travelin’ Music vol. 3

 Electronic/ Electro-Soul/ Nu-Jazz 

The Beyond Luck trio just dropped a pleasant surprise on the masses in the form of the freshly pressed Travelin Music vol. 3 project. As with the previous entries in the series, group members Radius, Kenny Keys and DJ Moppy continue to blur the barriers separating the genres of jazz, deep-house, hip-hop, and dub by taking a very free-flowing, spread-out-and-build-upward approach to the process of making music. The album’s opening track is a slow-burning number called “The Sun” that serves as a great example of the genre bending that the fellas utilize to great effect on this album. While it’s a bit understated, the introductory cut successfully morphs from “stretched out fusion jazz with touches of hip-hop“, to “a muted electro-funk piece with just a hint of afrobeat skirting at its edges” without ever drawing attention to the subtle adjustments that the trio had to make behind the scenes.  The same can be said for the Pugs Atomz-assisted track “Classics” which is a mystic brew of hip-hop, free-jazz, and broken-beat that is fittingly mind-bending but not nearly as jarring as you would expect a melding of those three musical styles to be. Other noteworthy style-blends featured on this album include the aptly titled “Brasil Groove”, the smoked out & heavy stomping “Brownies”, the frenzied “Crowd Surf” and the energetic fuzz-funk gem “B-Boy Traveler’s Guide”. Simply stated, I really dig what these guys have done with this project . I feel that they are taking up the challenge set by the Philadelphia Experiment/Detroit Experiment projects of the early 2000‘s and giving it a more grassroots feel. Still, I gotta be honest…it’s kinda hard trying to describe this type of music. It’s encompassing yet focused. It’s eclectic but still feels like jazz…I mean hip hop…I mean electronica. Really, it’s just hard to describe. So, I recommend that if you want to know what Beyond Luck‘s new Travelin’ Music vol 3  album is all about, stop reading and start listening for yourself. Press play, dig the sounds, and enjoy!



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