NEW RELEASE | Restless Soul Fun Band- Fun!


It seems that Phil Asher and Luke McCarty (who make up the Restless Soul production team) recently decided to put together an album with two goals in mind: 1) to draw from the countless musical influences and styles that have shaped their personal and professional lives over the years, and 2) have fun while doing it. Well, judging from the newly released Fun! album from the Restless Soul Fun Band, I’d say that the undertaking was a clear-cut success. While I’m still unsure if the Restless Soul Fun Band has a set-in-stone line-up or if it’s numbers are a bit more open-ended (i.e. Hawthorne Headhunters), I think it’s safe to count singers Zensika and Shea Soul as solid members alongside Asher and McCarty. Still, I’m betting that the band’s “line-up” is a bit more informal to keep things from getting too rigid or by-the-book (i.e. not fun). So while I’m still a little light on the specifics, what I can speak about is the music – which is a golden dose of cool-out nu-soul that isn’t afraid to color outside of genre lines on occasion. Standouts like the gleaming openers “Taking Over Me” and “Everytime” (as well as the bright boogie jam “13 & Good”) are glowing, forward leaning beauties that can trace clear lines of inspiration to the works of such neo-soul artists as Erykah Badu and Sa-Ra Creative Partners while avoiding the velvet-lined trap of unapologetic mimicry. While compositions like “Sunshine Smile”, “Missing”, “Breaking It Down” and others show touches of older deep-funk, rock, and disco influences (to name a few) but are clearly working on doing something vastly different. All of this is understandable, however, when artists such as Mark de Clive-Lowe and Om’Mas Keith can be counted among the album’s featured guests and your band’s mission statement is “Have fun!. Other highpoints in the sea of dopeness that is Fun! include the slick Shea Soul feature “Draw Your Bow”, the interplanetary cadillac musik of “Joy”, and the soothing, moonlit vibes of the Zensika fronted cut “Off My Mind”.







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