BLENDS | Emon- Fortune Hunter


Revel in the blooming sounds of a just posted nu soul selection, called Fortune Hunter, from singer/songwriter Emon (formerly known as Lucille Ghatti). This is an artful and off-the-cuff offering from the indie songbird with highlights like the mysterious torch song “Loaded”; a bubbling galactic cut called “The Middle Mistake”; the lo-fi trap-soul single “Bro”; and the catchy playlist closer “Fun, You Can’t Have (It’s All Marketing). In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll own up to the fact that I know next to nothing about this batch of tracks, or how they relate to Emon‘s next planned release, WhoAreYouEmon? . But I do know that fans like myself will appreciate hearing some new and rare cuts from the artist formerly known as Lucille Ghatti while waiting for the next project to drop. 







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