King Draft – Live Forever


King Draft (of the duo The Kingdom) presents his second solo outing, a mesmeric and majestic view from the throne that is promisingly titled Live Forever (HERE). King works here in a witty and plainspoken lane -never shying away from addressing real-life-deals while shrewdly avoiding easy to lean on crutches and criticisms. The set opens with the cloud gliding title track, which pairs Draft‘s uprising lines with a warmly uplifting arrangement from his partner in crime Jerm Scorsese and ends with a funny skit that could easily be titled “King v The Weirdly Self Aware Bruh“. After an impressive start, Live Forever ebbs and flows between starkly honest, darkly laid moments and brighter, more kinetic cuts.  On the starker end of the spectrum are standouts such as the machine-gun-drum driven “G.O.M.F”, the Kelly Kale assisted tracks”Niggas Dying/Lookin’ Black” and “Win Or Lose”, and the smoke swirling love letter “All I Need” -which features starlit vocals from singers Ayanna Wade Tiyane Clarke. The more lively side of the coin features some real highlights as well, like the eruptive “Deception”, a J. Safina and Desmera assisted body mover entitled “Move”, and the triumphant “About That Time”. All in together, Live Forever is a well pieced together collection of piercing, clever and ever dope hip hop joints that not only showcase  King Draft‘s skills as an emcee, but also the talents of the team of artists that orbit King and The Kingdom. 







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