De La Soul – and the Anonymous Nobody…


The crew De La Soul throws a lifeline to longtime fans and newcomers alike with the new album and the Anonymous Nobody… (HERE)- a dynamic and unforced selection that finds the three-man team forming and fully fleshing out sounds and ideas in a sleek and succinct mode that brings to mind the higher heights of the Art Official Intelligence campaign. Standout moments include a drum break & rubbery bass loop-laden return to form called “Nosed Up”; a ceaselessly morphing new wave rocker titled “Snoopies” (featuring avant-garde music man David Byrne); a sage “let me impart some wisdom on yall” type cut that’s dressed in the wears of a sunny park jam called “Pain” (featuring Snoop Dogg – who works surprisingly well with De La‘s sound and energy); the darkly haunting “Greyhounds” (featuring Usher); and a cool-ass stutter step L.I. groove called “Property of” (featuring Roc Marciano).






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