Miki Rose – XOXO EP


Bask in the glow of singer/songwriter Miki Rose‘s ember glimmering XOXO EP – a set that firmly plants the singer’s lovely, smokey soul vocals and pull-you-in-closer-and-closer delivery out front for all to enjoy. Relaxed, unguarded, and wisely devoid of any unnecessary movements, this brief but really satisfying player is a well-laid showcase of Rose‘s abilities as a writer and performer and features two especially infectious jewels in the form of the late-night-rooftop-party theme “Right There” and the carnal and secure title track “XOXO”. 

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]Miki’s debut solo EP “XOXO” emerges from an on going journey to discover a voice that is honest and undeniably her own. Disillusioned by multiple residency gigs in LA and feeling a lack of connection to what she was performing, Miki returned to songwriting hoping to unearth something raw and genuine, and to make music unfiltered by the structured lens of her formal education. After putting out a series of ‘flips’ written over beats from up-and-coming producers that resonated with her, Miki began to connect with like-minded musicians with support from MOOVMNT, eventually leading her to cross paths with Darker Than Wax.[/su_highlight]








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