Amare Symoné – Loose


Amare Symoné, a talented artist and gypsy spirit that currently calls Chicago her home, sets at large one hell of a wonderful surprise on the whirlwind single “Loose” – a self strengthening, steady rocker that builds on the topical issue of “slut shaming” from a young club goer’s point of view. The single serves as sparkling opening course prior to the release of Symone‘s soon-to-drop debut EP GlassWindows  (which touches down on October 12th

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]The song is about being a woman that lives in a contradictory, patriarchal world where a woman can be called uptight, hypersensitive, or easy, and slut-shamed for living freely and confidently in themselves. I hope to attack rape culture and patriarchy in the bud. I want to empower women to be who they want, live how they want, dress how they want, to always believe in themselves, and that being themselves is never “asking for it”. Women deserve to live in a world without fear of being harmed or taken advantage of by men.[/su_highlight]



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