Blakchyl – Verses Of A Analytic


Blakchyl‘s newest treasury of rhymes & lines remains true to the message in its title as Verses Of A Analytic (HERE) sets at large a steady stream of insights and observations from a young artists analyzing her life and the mechanics of the world surrounding her. High and lows, good times and not-so-good times all mingle together while still coloring in the lines of straight structured, 3 to 5 minute cuts – making the vibe of this album hard to categorize but easy to enjoy.  Standouts include the simmering brass band creation “Move“, a sorta breezy, day-in-the-life document called “Anotha Day” (featuring Solis Made), and a dusted blueprint-of-a-robbery-turned-defiant-survivor-tale called “Funnest Timez”. Vaporous production and vivid free-form poetry make for a heady and dope portrait from Blakchyl and her compadres.







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  1. Ha, here from google, this is what i was looking for.

  2. bing brought me here. Thanks!

  3. Me enjoying, will read more. Cheers!

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