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Benjamin Starr – Acid Rain (Remix)


New music from Benjamin Starr on the single “Acid Rain”.


LIVE45’s | Benjamin Starr- November


To help round out a memorable November, South Carolina-based wordsmith Benjamin Starr gets a little nostalgic and very introspective on a newly shared one-off single entitled November (Seasons Change) (HERE). If you dig what you’re hearing, and want more, be sure to also check out Starr‘s recently dropped RillStarr Hip Hop collaborative project (HERE) as well as his Free Lunch LP (HERE). 


NEW RELEASE | Benjamin Starr & Rill WIlliams- RillStarr Hip-Hop


Even more new music from Benjamin Starr who connects with producer/beatmaker Rill Williams for the 11-track burner RillStarr Hip-Hop. With the stellar Free Lunch project (HERE) still ringing in many of our ears, Benjamin touches on a wide array of themes and topics on this new project, as Rill fashions a bundle of neck-snapping, sample-driven tracks that underpin Starr‘s passionate emceeing with a solid mosaic thump.

LIVE45’s | Benjamin Starr- Dinner On The Moon


Check out this cool-out, throwback joint called “Dinner On The Moon” from supa emcee Benjamin Starr.  Listen as Benjamin gets in his slick talk/braggin writes lane and puts together a dope headnodder with a laid-back, jazz-funk beat. Dope work from the vaults of brother that’s easily making some of my favorite joints to date. Press play and dig the sounds below. And, for those of you who’ve been sleeping on Benjamin up to this point, be sure to check out that dope Free Lunch album (HERE) that dropped a few weeks back. 

NEW RELEASE | Benjamin Starr- Free Lunch

 Hip Hop/Rap 

Get into some stirring music with a message courtesy of South Carolina‘s own Benjamin Starr via his recently released Free Lunch album.  With strident lyrics and a collection of dynamic, soul-rooted beats, this album offers up a frank commentary on race, relationships, manhood, and politics over the course of its 15 tracks. Though labels like “conscious-rap” and “political-rap” may be appropriate when describing Free Lunch, this project has an incredible and undeniable energy to it- the sort of which is too often missing from so-called “conscious-rap” albums.