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LIVE45’s | Sifu Hotman- Matches/Embrace The Sun (feat. Tall Paul) (Mr. Fantastic Remix)


Courtesy of Sifu Hotman

SIFU HOTMAN is a hip hop trio composed of producer/DJ Rube, MC/two-time National Poetry Slam champion Guante, and MC/Rhymesayers signee Dem Atlas. After their song MATCHES was featured on Lauren Laverne’s show on BBC Radio 6 Music, and as “the weather” on an episode of the massively popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale, thousands of new listeners caught up with the propulsive, dynamic project.

LIVE45’s | Guante- One Bad Cop (feat. G.P. Jacob & Tish Jones)


Spirited and purpose-driven rhymes from poet/emcee Guante on the newly posted single “One Bad Cop”. Addressing issues of race & racism, police brutality, and media, Guante  and cohorts G.P. Jacob and Tish Jones – offer up an unafraid-yet-surprisingly-bouncy criticism of heated topics that too many of us would rather ignore. Dope work on a bunch of different levels.