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Ida Divine – Bruja


New visuals from singer Ida Divine courtesy of the video “Bruja” – a new single from her to-be-released Marshmallows & Machetes EP (HERE).


Ida Divine – Big Bad Wolf

[su_highlight background=”#f0e9e9″ color=”#ce070c”] Single [/su_highlight]

Ida Divine rolls out some imaginative, impromptu feeling raw soul from out the vault on the bouncy single “Big Bad Wolf”. 


LIVE45’s | Ida Divine- The Saga Continues

  R&B/ Hip-Hop Soul 

Check out some newness from Ida Divine who, in typical fashion, presents a boldly unique and steady marching trump card on the single “The Saga Continues”.

NEW RELEASE | Ida Divine- I Rise To The Top

 Soul/ R&B  

Powerhouse singer Ida Divine showcases her talent for making boldly soaring soul music with her freshly fashioned sophomore album, I Rise To The Top. Working with acclaimed producer/songwriter Herb Middleton, the creative duo forges a sleek and beautifully textured album that glimmers with rich, 70’s soul leaning arrangements and Ida‘s vibrant, scene-stealing vocals.

LIVE45’s | Ida Divine- Apartment

 Soul/ Hip -Hop Soul 

New sounds from singer Ida Divine, who blesses Apollo Brown‘s “Cleo’s Apartment” instrumental with some original free form lyrics to go. Sweet and soulful vibes from Ms. Divine who sounds especially fresh over the beat’s jazzy soul, sample-based production. Ida gives us some really chilled (but still vivid) imagery on this one- to the point that you can almost see the sort of “single-cam/day-in-the-life” video that would accompany this song.

LIVE45's | Ida Divine- Vegetable

Singer/emcee Ida Divine follows up on her biting GTFOH” single (read about it here if you’re unfamiliar) with another culture critique entitled Vegetable. This time the multi-talented Divine gives us her views “…on how the Black mainstream artist….fails or forgets to observe that the genius has always been within the DNA” over a laid-back, trap instrumental. A dope bit of impassioned tough love for the people.

VIDEO | Ida Divine- IG My Shoe Game

There are probably a couple of different ways that I could set up this write-up, but honestly the only thing that comes to mind right now is to speak plainly. So here goes…

I’m really digging Ida Divine‘s new video for the single IG My Shoe Game“.
As hinted at in the video’s title, IG My Shoe Gameis a 4 minute look into the life of a young woman with a healthy shoe fetish that she proudly showcases on the social networking site Instagram.  Now, is the message in this song directed towards a man in his mid 30’s who only owns a few pairs of Timbs and Rockports? That would be a resounding “...nah, not really bruh!“. But by the same token you don’t have to be a shoe aficionado to appreciate Ida Divine‘s charismatically soulful sound and the stunning visuals that this videos has to offer. Simply put, the singer and the song both radiate good vibes and producer Herb Middleton really put together a live bit of feel-good electro soul for Divine to work with on this one. Funky stuff that should be popping up on mixtapes and podcasts all summer long.