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King Draft – Deception

 Video + Single  

Uprising sounds from my dude King Draft on the full-of-fire single and video “Deception” (HERE) – a high mettled banger (produced by Jerm Scorsese) that gives King enough room to speak on everything from blowing past feeble emcees to being young gifted and black in today’s society. While the visuals are no frills and straight forward in their approach, the energy of this song builds to the point that it feels like Draft begins delivering each line through gritted teeth and clinched fists – willing to snatch you up by your collar at any moment. Dope work from a dope emcee and a dope LP – Live Forever (HERE). 

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]King Draft releases the first visual from his new album Live Forever entitled “Deception” produced by Jerm Scorsese.[/su_highlight]


Jerm Scorsese – Bounce Beach/Ascension


Check out the instrumentals “Bounce Beach” and “Ascension” from producer/arranger Jerm Scorses. If you dig what your hearing and would like to get at Jerm about using a beat for a project, check out the links below.


King Draft – Live Forever


King Draft (of the duo The Kingdom) presents his second solo outing, a mesmeric and majestic view from the throne that is promisingly titled Live Forever (HERE). King works here in a witty and plainspoken lane -never shying away from addressing real-life-deals while shrewdly avoiding easy to lean on crutches and criticisms.

King Draft – Livin’ (feat. KO 5000)


King Draft (of the duo The Kingdom) delivers the first single from his upcoming Live Forever  album – a chiseled, subwoofer shaker called “Livin’ “ which features fellow rhymesayer KO 5000 and production from partner in crime Jerm Scorsese.   


NEW RELEASE | J. Safina- Ultraviolet

 Soul/ R&B  

Singer J. Safina delivers an aromatic dose of 21 century soul on her intimate and effective debut album, entitled Ultraviolet. Constructed alongside producer/arranger Jerm Scorsese (of the N.C. hip-hop duo The Kingdom), Safina sets down a solid collection of vibrant and well-penned modern soul and R&B jams that notch out the singer’s individual voice and place in today’s indie soul scene. Though the sound is definitely contemporary, there are also throwback soul touches peppered all over Ultraviolet, making for some truly memorable performances. The string laden, King Draft assisted “Day 3” stands out as a great example of Safina‘s talent for keeping one foot in the past while still striding in the here & now.

NEW RELEASE | The Kingdom- Kingdom Come


Good music live & direct from the RSS.

“The 2nd album from hip hop duo The Kingdom (King Draft + Jerm Scorsese) with guest features from Domcymone, J Safina, KO 5000, Tiyane Clarke, TrezFalsetto and additional production by B. Isley.

– via The Kingdom