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Tigermoth – Effort & Essence


Producer/arranger Tigermoth plunges headfirst into a alchemic and experimental batch of ever-expanding electronica on his latest opus, the Effort & Essence album (HERE). The compositions here are otherworldly and often shadowy, but a notably warm and immersive quality still manages to rise up and pour over the listener as each track progresses from one to the next. For a seemingly one-man show, this is a well executed feat that jackets the album in an ethereal, space-drift aura.

Tigermoth – Bladerunner


Tigermoth adorns the rumbling galactic funk of his newest instrumental opus with a rush of mind-bending visuals in the new video “Bladerunner”. The densely layered drum funk and kaleidoscopic imagery comes to us courtesy of Tigermoth‘s upcoming Effort and Essence album – which is set to drop on September 21st via Hydrofunk Records

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]Revered Australian Hip Hop label Hydrofunk Records will be releasing Tigermoth’s “Effort and Essence” on September 21st 2016. “Bladerunner” is the first track taken from “Effort and Essence”. Limited edition vinyl will be available. Check their website for details. https://www.http://hydrofunk.com.au/[/su_highlight]