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Monday/Friday – The Saturda¥/$unday Remixes


Check out Yamin Semali‘s just dropped remix project, The Saturda¥/$unday Remixes (HERE), which revisits Monday/Friday‘s self-titled debut album (HERE) and sets it against new and original production from Semali

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]This is the official reinterpretation of Monday/Friday’s self-titled debut album. Released on the one year anniversary of the original project, The Saturda¥/$unday Remixes is a testament to the abilities of Yamin as an emcee and as a producer/dj who has musically reimagined what many have claimed to be his best work as a vocalist.[/su_highlight]

Yamin Semali – Newborn Soldier (¥$ Rebirth)


Yamin Semali draws up a punchy and well-layered, buh-bump beat for this remix of the Monday/Friday track “Newborn Soldier” from the duo’s self-titled debut LP Monday/Friday (HERE).  This new track is set to be featured on the upcoming Saturda¥/$unday Remixes album, which will have Yamin remixing and reworking all the Monday/Friday tracks with new beats and breaks. 


NEW RELEASE | Monday/Friday- Time And A Half EP


The duo of Yamin Semali and Illastrate return with a well-crafted collection of gliding hip hop on the sorta surprise EP Time And A Half


NEW RELEASE | Monday/Friday- Monday/Friday


In what is set to be a key offering from the Working Class Music Group collective, label head Illastrate and the ever inventive emcee Yamin Semali (fka AmDex of the group Clan Destined) link up to form the group Monday/Friday and drop their self-titled debut LP on the world.

LIVE45’s | MondayFriday- Sugar & Salt


Very jazzy work from the magnetic duo of Yamin Semali and Illastrate, who link up to form the group MondayFriday. On “Sugar & Salt” the pair lay out a super chilled-out single that affirms the simple truth that in this life you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Just a taste of the what’s to come when the fellas release their full length collaborative project on August 14th.