Huemanz Militia – Afrxw Stxry


The duo MxsFlxweticz – working here under the larger banner of Huemanz Militia – dish out a bittersweet dose of wavy hip-hop soul on the eclectic, Jay-Play produced tribute piece “Afrxw Stxry” (pronounced “afro story”) – from the group’s upcoming album Gxld Herringbxnez: Vxlume 3.


LIVE45's | MXSFLXWETICZ- illustratixn

While I try my best to post up all of the music that I’m feeling – regardless of the genre or release date- more often than not I’m just unable to get to everything that I’m diggin’.  Take the group MXSFLXWETICZ (pronounced “most flowetics”) for example. Event though I’ve been checking this couple out for a while now,  I’m only just not getting around to giving their music a full-on write up. Recently, the hip-hop soul duo released the single “illustratixn” from their upcoming debut album, Tha IllustratixnOver some hazy electric jazz production provided by Lee Blackman, the couple touch on matters of race and revolution with a sound that is surprisingly laid-back considering the subject matter.