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Watch Footage From Jabee’s Black Future Album Release Show


Jabee and a host of special guests recently set up residence at The Criterion concert venue in Oklahoma City, OK to celebrate the release of his Black Future album (HERE).

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Jabee – Black Future


Check out the newly dropped Black Future LP (HERE) from Oklahoma City rhymesayer Jabee who drops a myriad of politically and culturally steeped, hard margin rhymes for the populace.

Sean C. Johnson – UNO

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Check out the new single, “UNO“, from singer Sean C. Johnson and producer Mr. Carmack.


Jabee – Word Of Mouth (feat. ARXV, Noble Nobu, & Bub Styles)


Jabee and rhyme partners ARXV, Noble Nobu and Bub Styles balance raw, freaky-tales type verses against a mellowed out, old-soul track on the acerbically soulful cut “Word Of Mouth” – from Jabee‘s recently released Juneteenth project (HERE)