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Peezy & Jikan – Minutes Until Dawn EP


Laid-back rap cat Peezy commits casual rhyme acrobatics to tape over Texas-based beatsmith Jikan‘s lo-res, jazz looping instrumentals on the Minutes Until Dawn EP (HERE). Take flight to these five hazy glowing signets from duo, with the vibe heavy title track “Minutes Until Dawn” holding fast as the EP’s standout track. 

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]This 5 track EP is a collaborative effort from the emcee Peezy & producer Jikan. This EP features all production from Jikan, and also a verse from Hujili.[/su_highlight]



Peezy & Mike Shabb – Obsidian

[su_highlight background=”#f0e9e9″ color=”#ce070c”] EP [/su_highlight]

Boston, MA reppin’ rhymesayer Peezy chisels out some unflinchingly visceral rhymes & lines over producer Mike Shabb‘s tensely atmospheric 16-pad bumps on their jointly designed, 3-track EP Obsidian (HERE). 


NEW RELEASE | Peezy- Faux EP


Drift to the hypnotically lo-res, mosaic bumps of this new Faux EP from Peezy. 7 Sample heavy, machinedrum gems featuring fellow rhymesayers Mike Shabb, Kap Dog, Chin, and DisMissed Fit with smoked-out headnod beats provided by producers Austin Jaye, Sleepdealer, MANNY, Jaacobi, Ezekey, and Herring Franky. Good music live and direct from the RSS!  #DigTheSounds®    

LIVE45’s | Peezy- Shine Like One (prod. Jaacobi)


Cool out to some bluesy and blunted lo-res sounds from Massachusetts‘ reppin emcee Peezy via the dimly lit loosie “Shine Like One”. 


NEW RELEASE | Peezy- Infinity


Peezy is a Massachusetts-based emcee who brings stony and fairly somber beats and rhymes to the masses with his most recent project, the Infinity (HERE) album. This latest collection fairly evenly mixes blunted-in-the-basement, nostalgic feeling boom bap vibes (i.e. “Buy In”, “Infinity/Goldmine”, “Warning Shots”, and “Menthol) alongside more reflective and inwardly directed pieces that feel like personal excursions that were never really intended to be heard by anyone other than the author. Fortunately for us, when it comes to music Peezy feels the same as most artists do – be honest, for better or worse.