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Shirt – Pressuring Her Is Corny (Nigga You Corny)


On the galactic transmit track “Pressuring Her Is Corny” (produced by Tom “Ayesroc” Ayes,  Shirt brings home a solid point that bears repeating : Forcing yourself on a woman is corny …and criminal… as hell. If it’s a “no”, it’s a “no” dude. 


LIVE45’s | Shirt- Poor People’s March


New York‘s own Shirt just dropped a low rumbling, straight-no-chaser heater called “Poor People’s March” and all I really need to say is that this shxt is tight as hell man… Over a blues-rock driven beat laid out by producer Trac-Queda, the no-frill emcee’s delivers a true and honest criticism of all sides involved with the rising tide of violent crime in poor and minority communities (