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Ozy Reigns – Sun Born


Ozy Reigns – and a close-knit list of producers & comrades – compose an observational, “soul on top” selection with the newly released album, Sun Born (HERE). 

Joose The Conqueror – Insomnia


Joose The Conqueror commits a heavy stack of point-perfect and effortlessly spit rhymes to a string of expansive, late-night-ride-out bumps on the freshly pressed album Insomnia (HERE). Man…this is one cohesive, clever, and just straight-up-and-down dope album that deserves to be regarded as one of the tightest releases to drop this year.

Kon Boogie – Wata Bong Bong


Kon Boogie dives head first into a stinging critique of hip-hop fandom and hypocrisy over a drugsy, rocksteady track on the dubwise one-shot “Wata Bong Bong”


Locksmith – Grime


New visuals from Locksmith, courtesy of the video for the track “Grime” – from his upcoming Olive Branch LP. 

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]Locksmith takes to the streets of New York city for the official video for “Grime.”[/su_highlight]



Joose The Conqueror – Murray Hill


Joose The Conqueror sets down some laid-back brilliance over a cool breeze coasting, Mozaic produced beat on the brand new single “Murray Hill”. 


NEW RELEASE | Moses Rockwell- Ahkwellington.Dweeb.Supreme.Three


Moses Rockwell masterfully steers his “Dweeb.Supreme” series to a resounding close with the potent and punchy full-length offering Ahkwellington.Dweeb.Supreme.Three  (HERE). With his “weighty-but-still-welcoming” approach to music making still firmly in place, Moses and his in-sync production unit cook up a focused and steady rocking opus that vibrates somewhere between Dweeb.Supreme.One‘s (HERE) atmospheric thump and Dweeb.Supreme.Two ‘s (HERE) progressive openness.