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Suzi Analogue – Visible (feat. Rahel)


After seemingly just delivering her futuristic funk set ZONEZ v. 2  to the music loving populace, Suzi Analogue frees up some anti-wallflower electro energy on the plant-your-flag-and-declare-your-worth dance track “Visible” – featuring Rahel.

[su_highlight background=”#fff799″]Fresh new tune from Suzi Analogue featuring the incomparable Rahel – VISIBLE. Stay tuned for more to come from the two.[/su_highlight]

Suzi Analogue – ZONEZ v.2


Restlessly moving and continually evolving future funk excellence from groundbreaking musician Suzi Analogue by means of the (mostly) instrumental album ZONEZ v.2 (HERE). Standout entries include a splashy broken-beat darling called “Don’t Clock NN”; a left-field jazztronica piece called “Gurl Sweatshirt”; a raw edged trap/EDM number “Shine NN Any Weather” (featuring D.C. area rap cat Nappy Nappa); and a spacey album closer called “Life So Close” (featuring WORKFLOWW).