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LIVE45’s | Tim James- Fly Away


Tim James takes a sec to speak on relationship building and self-betterment on the bittersweet love call Fly Away“. Producer Pirooz Beats provides a breezy and sparse backdrop for James to work with, and the duo creates a soaring bit of soulful hip hop as a result. “Fly Away” is one of the most recent entries in Tim‘s “Love On Monday” single series. So if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to check out Tim‘s Soundcloud page (HERE) to be the first to catch the latest entry in the series when it drops. 


LIVE45’s | Tim James- Better You

 Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Hip-Hop Soul 

New music from Tim James and producer Omito Beats who offer up a shot of love, longing, and laid back vibes on the just dropped single, “Better You”.  If you’re still in the dark when it comes to that HeartHeaded  album that Tim dropped earlier this year, check it out (HERE), and hit the links below to find out more about Tim James. 

NEW RELEASE | Tim James- HeartHeaded

Louisiana-based lyricist Tim James finally hits fans with his HeartHeaded project. The album is a fully realized, and somewhat conceptual, album that centers on the dizzying highs and heart shattering lows associated with falling in and out of love. If you’re new to Tim James and his music, prepare to be struck by this brother’s honesty and his earnest approach to songwriting. Living up to its title, HeartHeaded is a soulful hip-hop album that has a brilliantly bittersweet appeal.

VIDEO | Tim James- Ain’t It Funny

I’m really diggin this “Ain’t It Funny” video from Louisiana based emcee Tim James. On the catchy cut, James speaks on the beautifully strange ride that goes along with being in love. Next month my wife and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage (thank you, thank you).  And while the valleys and peaks of my married life are much different than the rollercoaster ride that was dating life in my 20’s, I can still appreciate the message in Tim James‘ music.